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Immigration Library™

A Comprehensive

Immigration Experience

Immilib™  is a Canadian Immigration Library that summarizes lengthy and complicated immigration guides and regulations so you may learn more quickly and determine which programs work best for you and how they can be used to immigrate to Canada.




Learn How to Immigrate to Canada

Take a look through the programs below to learn how to immigrate to Canada and more.

Find your Immigration Program

Your step-by-step guide to immigrate to Canada by directory

How many pathways, visas, permits , guides does Canada have? More than 100 pathways, but immilib is committed to keeping it simple.  Get to know Immilib™ immigration directory.

The Characteristic of the Immilib™

Immilib™ classifies and categorizes all programs in various ways so you can find your desired program with ease.


Experience the Immilib™ Difference

Want help choosing an immigration pathway to immigrate to Canada? Let’s go deeper now.

Pathways by Directory

Search for your best pathway to immigration to Canada and save time and money by using our Immilib™ directory.

Immigration Library Guide

Learn from Guides

Immilib™ Guides is a growing library of useful information about all aspects of immigration to Canada.

Work Permit

Temporary Pathways

Choose pathways in Immilib™ that may help you start your life in Canada on a temporary basis. As a visitor, worker or student.

Discovering Insightful Immigration Posts

I want ....

There are various pathways based on what you want to do in Canada:

Find out what you want

We’re committed to keeping you informed and providing you with the latest immigration and temporary residence programs you may be eligible for.

Classify Everything Easily

Explore our Classification to know  “how to immigrate” through various streams of Canada Immigration.

Immigration Library Express System
Express Entry
Look through all federal immigration streams under the Express Entry system as well as all provincial nominee programs that use Express Entry system (Enhanced PNP).
Immigration Library Provincial Nominees
Provincial Nominees

Learn how you can easily immigrate to Canada through the second leading way immigration after Express Entry.

Immigration Library Business Program
Business Program

Discover how entrepreneurs, investors, and self-employed persons like you use their investment powers and entrepreneurship to achieve permanent residence. 

Immigration Library Worker Program
Worker Program

Explore the many immigration streams used by hundreds of thousand skilled, semi-skilled and low-skilled workers around the world.

Skilled Worker or Business Owner?

Canada’s fast-growing, diverse immigration pathways offers options base don your skills and experience in business.


Experience by your skills

Foreign nationals with the skills needed to fill labour gaps in the Canadian economy.


Invest in your future

Experience and personal net worth may make them for business pathways.

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