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APPENDIX 8: Income Required to Sponsor a Family Member

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To be sponsored as a family member, the sponsor must demonstrate that they can meet the minimum necessary income requirement, which means that they have enough money to support you and your family members financially.

The income requirement varies depending on how many family members are cared for in Canada, how many family members are sponsored, and whether the sponsor lives in Canada or Quebec.

Applicants for family sponsorship will be considered eligible to sponsor their family members only if they meet the Minimum Necessary Income (MNI) requirements for their family size. The size of the family unit is determined by who is currently supported by the sponsor (including the sponsor) in Canada and who they intend to sponsor.

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MNI for Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship (Except Quebec)

In order to be eligible for parent and grandparent sponsorship in Canada, the sponsor must have earned more than the MNI for three consecutive taxation years (except in the province of Quebec).

Minimum Income Required for the 3 Previous Taxation Years


Size of Family Unit 2022 2021 2020
2 persons $43,082 $32,898 $32,270
3 persons $52,965 $40,444 $39,672
4 persons $64,306 $49,106 $48,167
5 persons $72,935 $55,694 $54,630
6 persons $82,259 $62,814 $61,613
7 persons $91,582 $69,934 $68,598
If more than 7 persons, for each additional person, add $9,324 $7,120 $6,985

MNI for Family Sponsorship in Quebec

If your sponsor lives in Quebec, they must only meet the Quebec’s immigration sponsorship requirements after IRCC approves them

Your sponsor (and the co-signer, if applicable) must show that they have made the minimum income for the past twelve (12) months. The total annual income required for your sponsor represents the SUM of the income established in Table 1 and the income established in Table 2 below:

Table 1
Size of Sponsor Family Unit

Basic Income for Sponsor’s Family


1 person $28,242
2 persons $38,124
3 persons $47,068
4 persons $54,135
5 persons $60,250
If more than 5 persons, for each additional person, add $6,115
Table 2
Size of Sponsor Family Unit

Additional Income for Your Family


Persons 18 or over Persons under 18
0 adult 1 child $9,776
0 adult 2 child $15,493
1 adult 0 child $20,657
1 adult 1 child $27,755
1 adult 2 children $31,341
2 adults 0 child $30,294
2 adults 1 child $33,935
2 adults 2 children $36,634
Add for additional persons

$9,630 for each additional adult

If no adults, add $5,166 for each additional child

If 1 adult, add 3,582 for each additional child

If 2 adults or more, add $2,689 for each additional child



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