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British Columbia Skills Immigration – Entry Level and Semi-skilled Stream (BCES)

British Columbia Skills Immigration - Entry Level and Semi-skilled Stream

  • P.N.P: Provincial Nominee Programs
  • E.D: Employer-driven
  • E.O.I: Expression of Interest
  • P.S: Point System
  • C.E: Canadian Experience

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British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BCPNP)

The BC’s Entry Level and Semi-skilled Stream gives workers in selected occupations in  tourism/hospitality, long-haul trucking, food processing and healthcare with a job offer from BC employer the opportunity to apply to permanently live and work in British Columbia.

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The following requirements must be met if you are applying to the British Columbia Entry Level and Semi-skilled Stream:

1- Job Offer Requirement

At the time of your application and at the time the BCPNP assesses your application for nomination, you must have a bona fide full-time job offer from a BC employer in an eligible occupation. Your job offer must be permanent (meaning job has no end date).

The position offered must be in tourism/hospitality, long-haul trucking, or the food processing industry and you must have required qualifications to work in your job in BC.
For the Northeast Development Region of BC (Northern Rockies, Peace River and First nation bands), you may apply in any National Occupational Classification occupation TEER 4 or 5 (➨Appendix 1), other than live-in caregivers.
In the past five (5) years and throughout the BCPNP application process, you and your spouse must not have ownership of more than %10 in the BC Company that has offered you the job.

2- Work Experience in BC

You must have at least nine (9) months of full-time paid work experience for the same employer that has offered to you the job, and, if applicable, the credentials and qualification requirements of the position.
In addition to the nine (9) months of full-time employment requirement, long-haul truck drivers must also have at least two (2) years of employment experience as a long-haul truck driver in the preceding three (3) years before registering with the BCPNP. This experience can be obtained from within Canada or abroad.
Employment that is part of a program of study (such as co-op) or obtained using a Study Permit or Off-Campus Work Permit does not qualify towards your work experience.

Below is a complete list of eligible occupations in The Entry Level and Semi-skilled Stream.

NOC Code BC Entry Level and Semi-skilled Jobs Skill Level
64314 Hotel front desk clerks 4
64320 Tour and travel guides 4
64321 Casino workers 4
64322 Outdoor sport and recreational guides 4
64300 Maîtres d’hotel and hosts/hostesses 4
64301 Bartenders 4
65200 Food and beverage servers 4
65201 Food counter attendants, kitchen helpers and related occupations 5
65210 Support occupations in accommodation, travel and facilities set-up services 5
65310 Light duty cleaners 5
65311 Specialized cleaners 5
65312 Janitors, caretakers and heavy-duty cleaners 5
65320 Dry cleaning, laundry and related occupations 5
65329 Other service support occupations 5
94140 Process control and machine operators, food and beverage processing 4
94141 Industrial butchers and meat cutters, poultry preparers and related workers 4
94142 Fish and seafood plant workers 4
94143 Testers and graders, food, beverage and associated products processing 4
95106 Labourers in food, beverage and associated products processing 5

3- Education

You must have successfully completed secondary education (graduated from high school) either within or outside of Canada.

If the offered position requires mandatory certification, licensing or registration, you must provide documentation at the time of application to the BC PNP, showing that you meet these requirements, or how these requirements will shortly be met.
Long-haul truck drivers must have a valid B.C. Class 1 driver’s licence for the duration of the nine months full-time work experience, air brake endorsement and other certification(s), if required (such as certification for transporting dangerous goods).

4- Language Ability

You must have an approved test results taken within the past two (2) years and meet the minimum score of Canadian Language Benchmark CLB 4 in all for abilities in English or French (➨Appendix 5).

5- Income Requirement

You must meet minimum income requirements according to your annual wage in BC (including your spouse’s wage if applicable), location of residence in BC and number of dependants.
Size of Family Unit Minimum Income for Greater Vancouver Minimum Income for Rest of BC
1 person $26,620 $22,186
2 persons $33,141 $27,619
3 persons $40,743 $33,954
4 persons $49,467 $41,226
5 persons $56,105 $46,757
6 persons $63,276 $52,735
7 persons or more $70,449 $58,713

The income thresholds in this table represent 100% of an amount calculated from the appropriate 2020 Low-Income Cut-Off (LICO) (➨ Appendix 2) figures set by Statistics Canada.

6- Ineligibility

You are not eligible to apply under the British Columbia Entry level and Semi-Skilled Worker Stream if:
  • You had a previous approval cancelled by the BCPNP
  • You have, in the two (2) years immediately before the date of the application, been found by the BCPNP to have made a misrepresentation in a previous application
  • You have another active application and/or registration with BCPNP
  • You are a refugee claimant in Canada, a failed refugee claimant, had a removal order, are prohibited from entering or being in Canada, do not have status in Canada or are living illegally in your country of residence.

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If you meet the above minimum requirement, then you must calculate your total score based on the following selection factors (➨ There is no minimum required score. But you will be ranked based upon your points assessment score and placed in an Expression of Interest (EOI) pool.

Candidates will be ranked against each other and only top ranked candidates will be invited to apply. A draw will occur with the top ranked candidates being selected and issued an invitation to apply. The British Columbia Entry level and Semi-skilled Stream selection factors may be summarized as follows:
Selection Factor Maximum Points
Factor 1: Directly Related Work Experience 40
Factor 2: Education 40
Factor 3: Language Ability 40
Factor 4: Hourly Wage of BC Job Offer 55
Factor 5: Location of Employment in BC 25

Factor 1: Directly Related Work Experience

You will be awarded up to 40 points based on the duration of your past work experience as it directly relates to the job you have been offered in BC (same NOC or greater related TEER).
This experience may be from work performed within Canada or abroad. This directly related work experience must have been obtained within the last ten (10) years. For part-time work experience, you will be credited with 50% of the duration of your employment.
Directly Related Work Experience Points
5 or more years 20
At least 4 but less than 5 years 16
At least 3 but less than 4 years 12
At least 2 but less than 3 years 8
At least 1 but less than 2 years 4
Less than 1 year 1
None 0
You can receive additional points if you have at least one (1) year of directly related full-time work experience in Canada (or 2 years part-time):
Additional Points Points
At least 1 year of directly related experience in Canada 10
Currently working full-time in B.C. for the employer in the occupation identified in the BC PNP registration 10

Factor 2: Education

Points for education will be awarded (up to 25 points) for your highest level of education. Your education is not eligible for points if it is a distance education learning program.
Level of Education Points
Doctoral Degree 27
Master’s Degree 22
Post-Graduate Certificate or Diploma 15
Bachelor’s Degree 15
Associate Degree 5
Post-secondary Diploma/Certificate (Trades or Non-Trades) 5
Secondary School (High School) or Less 0
You will be awarded points for your Canadian educational credential or foreign credential accompanied by Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) Report.
The ECA Report must not be more than five (5) years old prior to the date BCPNP receives your application and the date you will submit your application for Expression of Interest.
You will receive additional points for any one of the following:
Additional points for education in B.C. or Canada Points
Post-secondary education completed in B.C.,or 8
Post-secondary education completed in Canada (outside of BC) 6
Additional points for professional designation in B.C. Points
Eligible professional designation in B.C. (if you have been offered a related job) 5

Factor 3: Language Ability

To be awarded point for language, you must have taken an approved test results (➨Appendix 5). Test must be taken no more than two (2) years prior to submission of Expression of Interest (EOI) and must also be valid at the time of application.

The lowest score achieved in the four (4) skills (Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening) is your score.

First Official Language

(Lowest score in any of 4 skills)

CLB 9 or more 30
CLB 8 25
CLB 7 20
CLB 6 15
CLB 5 10
CLB 4 5
CLB 4 or less 0
Additional points for professional designation in B.C. Points
Language proficiency in both English and French (Minimum CLB 4) 10
To prove you language abilities you must take any of the following approved tests:
  • English: IELTS General or CELPIP General or PTE Core
  • French: TEF Canada or TCF Canada

To find out the equivalent CLB level for any of the above approved tests go to (➨Appendix 5).

Factor 4: Hourly Wage of BC Job Offer

You’ll get points based on the annual wage as outlined in your job offer.
A maximum of 40 hours per week (or a maximum of 60 hours per week for long-haul truck drivers) will be used for the calculation of your annual wage.
Job Offer Hourly Wage Points
$70.00 and above 55
$69.00 to $69.99 54
$68.00 to $68.99 53
$67.00 to $67.99 52
$66.00 to $66.99 51
$65.00 to $65.99 50
$64.00 to $64.99 49
$63.00 to $63.99 48
$62.00 to $62.99 47
$61.00 to $61.99 46
$60.00 to $60.99 45
$59.00 to $59.99 44
$58.00 to $58.99 43
$57.00 to $57.99 42
$56.00 to $56.99 41
$55.00 to $55.99 40
$54.00 to $54.99 39
$53.00 to $53.99 38
$52.00 to $52.99 37
$51.00 to $51.99 36
$50.00 to $50.99 35
$49.00 to $49.99 34
$48.00 to $48.99 33
$47.00 to $47.99 32
$46.00 to $46.99 31
$45.00 to $45.99 30
$44.00 to $44.99 29
$43.00 to $43.99 28
$42.00 to $42.99 27
$41.00 to $41.99 26
$40.00 to $40.99 25
$39.00 to $39.99 24
$38.00 to $38.99 23
$37.00 to $37.99 22
$36.00 to $36.99 21
$35.00 to $35.99 20
$34.00 to $34.99 19
$33.00 to $33.99 18
$32.00 to $32.99 17
$31.00 to $31.99 16
$30.00 to $30.99 15
$29.00 to $29.99 14
$28.00 to $28.99 13
$27.00 to $27.99 12
$26.00 to $26.99 11
$25.00 to $25.99 10
$24.00 to $24.99 9
$23.00 to $23.99 8
$22.00 to $22.99 7
$21.00 to $21.99 6
$20.00 to $20.99 5
$19.00 to $19.99 4
$18.00 to $18.99 3
$17.00 to $17.99 2
$16.00 to $16.99 1
Less than $16.00 0

Factor 5: Location of Employment

Based on the regional district of employment (location of your BC work location) you will be awarded points.
Area of employment within B.C. Points
Area 1: Metro Vancouver Regional District 0
Area 2: Squamish, Abbotsford, Agassiz, Mission, and Chilliwack 5
Area 3: Areas of B.C. not included in Area 1 or 2 15
Additional points are available for:
Additional Points Points
Regional Experience, or 10
Regional Alumni (education)
Your Total Score




Step 1: Get a Job Offer in British Columbia

In order to be qualified under the British Columbia Entry level and Semi-skilled Stream and submit your application, you must have a bona fide full-time job offer in an eligible occupation from a BC employer who is willing to support you through the BCPNP process.

As a foreign worker in Canada, you first need to find an employer and secure the job for yourself. The criteria for your job in BC are explained in “Minimum Requirements”.

If you are currently in Canada, you must have legal status to work and must have a valid work permit for the duration of the application process.

Step 2: Submit an Online BCPNP Expression of Interest (Online Registration)

Now that you meet all the requirements, you can register at BCPNP Online portal and complete Expression of Interest (EOI) (➨ for yourself.

EOI is an online system where you submit information about yourself to the BCPNP.
To complete the EOI, you’ll need information from some documents including passports, language test results, etc. But you don’t need to upload any documents.
Within the BCPNP Online portal you must choose the Skills Immigration – Entry level and Semi-skilled Stream and follow the instructions to submit the Expression of Interest (EOI).

Recent Draws – BCPNP Entry Level

and Semi-skilled

Date of Draw No. of ITA * Min. Score
Apr 3, 2024 30 107
Mar 19, 2024 88 98
Mar 5, 2024 54 99
Feb 21, 2024 69 99
Feb 6, 2024 102 97
Jan 23, 2024 79 98
Jan 10, 2024 110 100
Dec 12, 2023 73 95
Nov 28, 2023 80 94
After you submit the EOI, the system will calculate your score based upon the information you enter and your EOI will be placed in a pool for potential selection. The highest-scoring, qualified candidates will be invited to submit an application to the BCPNP.
If you’re not invited to apply within twelve (12) months of submitting your EOI, it will automatically expire and removed from the system. You can still create a new EOI. If you are able to acquire additional points or if you want to make any changes after submitting your EOI, you will need to submit a new EOI.

Step 3: Submit Application to BCPNP

If you are invited to apply, you may submit your application by providing the Application Forms and all supporting documentation and paying the application by credit card in the BCPNP Online Portal (➨  You have 30 calendar days after you receive your invitation to submit an application to the BCPNP.

All supporting documents must be scanned and uploaded in your online application and you need to submit a complete application online.
After you submit your application, you will receive an email confirming that your file has been received and accepted for processing. This will include your BCPNP file number. You can check the status of your application through your account in the BCPNP Online system.
BCPNP Application
Submit online application:

Official Program Guide:
BCPNP Application Fee:
Processing Time:
Document Checklist:

(page 64)

[email protected]
If your application is successful, you will receive a Nomination Approval Letter and a BCPNP Certificate of Nomination.

Step 4: Apply for Permanent Residence

If you are nominated by the Province of British Columbia, then your next step is to submit a complete application for a permanent resident visa within six (6) months (➨Page).

You must submit your application using the IRCC Permanent Residence Portal (PR Portal) (➨ 

If your application is complete, you will receive a letter or an email confirming that your file has been received and accepted for processing. This letter is called the Acknowledge of Receipt (AOR) and will include your IRCC file number.
Once you have received your acknowledgement of receipt, you can create an online account and link your application to it. By creating an account, you will be able to receive email updates and a more detailed case status.
Apply for a Temporary Work Permit

If your work permit is expiring within six (6) months, when you receive a nomination by BCPNP, you may request a work permit support letter so you can apply for work permit (➨Page) while your application for permanent residence is in process.

To obtain a work permit support letter, please submit your request to [email protected] with the subject line: Work Permit Support Letter Request.

If you are in Canada on a work permit and your PR application is not finalized, you may also be able to apply for a Bridging Open Work Permit (BOWP) (➨Page). This will let you to stay and continue working on a valid work permit until your PR application is finalized.

You may apply for BOWP only if your PR application is approved in principle meaning you have passed the eligibility stage and still have to pass the medical, security and background checks.

Step 5: Landing in Canada

If your application is approved, you will be asked to pay your right of permanent residence fee if you haven't already done so. You will receive a Confirmation of Permanent Residence (CoPR) and if you are from a country that requires a visa you will also be issued a permanent resident visa.

You will only become a Permanent Resident of Canada when you cross a Canadian port of entry. This is referred to as ‘landing in Canada' (➨Page).

You must land in Canada before the expiry date, which appears on your Canada Immigration Visa. Usually, the expiry date is one (1) year from the time medical examinations were completed. As this is not always the case, be sure to verify the expiry date as soon as the Canada Immigration Visa is received.

Ready to take the next step towards your Canadian immigration journey? Fill out the form below and embark on your path to new opportunities.







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