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The Dangers of Falsely Claiming Refugee Status in Canada

Canadian Refugee Claims: Avoid Risks & Get Facts (2024)

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Canada is known for its welcoming attitude toward immigrants and refugees, providing protection and a chance for a new beginning to those fleeing persecution. However, this compassionate system is based on honesty and genuine need. For those contemplating making a false refugee claim while residing temporarily in Canada, there are several critical reasons to reconsider.

Legal Consequences

The Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) is stringent regarding misrepresentation. Sections 127 and 128 of IRPA (➨ explicitly outline severe penalties for those found guilty of making false refugee claims. These penalties can include up to five (5) years of imprisonment and fines reaching $100,000. Such severe penalties demonstrate how seriously Canada takes the integrity of its refugee system. Misrepresentation not only damages the system, but it also hurts individuals who truly require protection.

Backlog and Delays

The Refugee Protection Division (RPD) is currently overwhelmed with a backlog that is steadily increasing. As of April 2024, there were 196,714 pending refugee protection claims, up significantly from 165,408 in January 2024 and 74,436 in January 2023 (➨ Due to the huge backlog, new claimants may have to wait years for their hearings. This delay might cause claimants to experience lengthy uncertainty and worry, as well as legal and personal limbo. Those who make false claims add to the backlog, worsening the wait times for actual refugees who require prompt responses.

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Burden of Proof

Filing a refugee claim after having lived in Canada for some time requires the claimant to provide substantial justification for the delay. They must convincingly explain why they did not file the claim earlier and establish a clear connection between their claim and the grounds for persecution. This process is rigorous and demanding, often necessitating the submission of detailed evidence and credible testimony. For false claimants, fabricating such justifications can be particularly challenging and is likely to be scrutinized heavily by immigration authorities.

Ineligibility Risks

Not everyone is eligible for referral to the RPD. Various factors, including prior criminal records, previous refugee claims in other countries, or having protection in another country, can make a person ineligible. Thus, making a false claim without a thorough understanding of eligibility criteria is not only useless but could also lead to immediate dismissal of the claim and further legal consequences.

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Misleading Information

There are private individuals and organizations who may be providing false or misleading information about claiming asylum in Canada. It is crucial to be aware that Temporary Protected Status (TPS) in the United States does not entitle individuals to the same status in Canada. Claims suggesting otherwise are false. Moreover, crossing the U.S. border into Canada outside of a port of entry is illegal and could result in arrest and deportation. Each asylum claim is assessed individually by the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada, and not all claims will be accepted.

Complicated Process

Refugee claims are formal legal proceedings that need complex procedures and much documentation. Claimants are urged to use Legal Aid or employ a trained representation to help them navigate the proceedings. Attempting to manage a refugee claim without legal assistance is ill-advised and dramatically diminishes the likelihood of success. The complexities of immigration law and the thoroughness required to establish a convincing case are above the capabilities of most laypeople, necessitating expert aid.

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The Canadian refugee system prioritizes legitimate claims. If you're considering this path, navigating the complexities involved is crucial. This article highlights the legal risks, backlogs, and importance of a strong case. To ensure a successful claim, legal representation is essential. Our qualified immigration professionals can guide you through the process and maximize your application's success. 

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