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Manitoba Business Investor Stream – Farm Investor Pathway (MBIF)

Manitoba Business Investor Stream - Farm Investor Pathway

  • P.N.P: Provincial Nominee Programs
  • E.O.I: Expression of Interest
  • D.R: Deposit Required

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Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP)

The Manitoba Business Investor Stream – Farm Investor Pathway is for individuals with proven farm business experience who intend to establish and operate a farm operation in rural Manitoba.
Eligible applicants can apply to the program by sending an Expression of Interest (EOI) by email.

Farm Investor Pathway is one of the two (2) Manitoba Business Investor Stream pathways, which also includes Entrepreneur Pathway (➨Page).

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The following requirements must be met if you are applying to the Manitoba Business Investor Stream – Farm Investor Pathway:

1- Net Worth

You must have net worth (personal and business assets) of at least $500,000 CAD which has been accumulated through legal and legitimate sources.

2- Farm Business Experience

You must have at least three (3) years farm ownership and operation experience in the past five (5) years managing a successful farming operation.

3- Language Ability

There is no minimum mandatory language test result required for Farm Investor Pathway. However If you are invited to attend an interview, you will be required to conduct the interview in either French or English.

4- Farming Skills and Knowledge

You must demonstrate adaptability, specifically relating to practical farming skills, technical knowledge and experience in technological based farming practices that will transfer directly to Manitoba’s current primary farm production industry.

5- Farm Business Research Visit

You must conduct a Farm Business Research Visit to Manitoba to investigate farm business and lifestyle opportunities in rural Manitoba. The Farm Business Research Visit is mandatory, for a minimum of five (5) business days and must be done within one (1) year prior to submission of Expression of Interest.

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In order to qualify as an eligible farm business under the Farm Investor Pathway, you must have an intention to establish a farming business in rural Manitoba that meets the following criteria:

1- Business Investment

You must propose a minimum investment of at least $300,000 CAD in a farming business in rural Manitoba to be eligible. Tangible assets are items such as farmland, farm buildings, farm related vehicles, office equipment, computers, farm machinery, livestock, tools and fencing supplies, etc.
The Investment must be from your personal assets and should be in tangible assets in Manitoba. If your application is approved, you will be required to invest at least the amount claimed in your Business Plan.
Investment into personal items, such as the principal residence that is located off the farm and motor vehicles for personal use, will not be counted as part of business investment.

2- Business Ownership

If an investment is into an existing farm business, the Nominee must control at least 33.33% of the equity, or make a minimum $1 million equity investment in the farm business.

3- Type of Business

The farm must be in active primary agricultural production, must be economically viable and must not be out of production.
Farm businesses, operated primarily for the purposes of deriving passive investment income, are not eligible.

4- Active Management

You must manage the farm operation actively on a day-to-day basis. You must not use a third party or farm manager to run the farm. You must live on your farm in rural Manitoba on a day-to-day basis.
You must not lease your farm land to others and you must not buy a farm for only land value appreciation purposes.

5- Ineligibility

You are not eligible to apply under the Manitoba Business Investor Stream – Farm Investor Pathway if:
  • You are an international student who graduated in another province of Canada.
  • You have current application in process through another immigration program.
  • You have been refused by the MPNP within the last twelve (12) months.
  • You are a temporary foreign workers currently working and residing in a province other than Manitoba.
  • You are registered in the federal Live-in Caregiver Program.
  • You are a refugee claimant in Canada, a failed refugee claimant, had a removal order, are prohibited from entering or being in Canada, do not have status in Canada or are living illegally in your country of residence.


Step 1: Exploratory Visit

No more than one (1) year prior to submission of your EOI, you must conduct a Farm Business Research Visit to Manitoba. You must provide a visit report and other documents to demonstrate the research conducted during this visit.
You must visit Manitoba for a period of not less than five (5) business days (longer visits are recommended), to conduct extensive farm business and rural lifestyle-related research.
A Farm Business Research Visit provides you with time to research farming opportunities available, as well as the rural lifestyle in Manitoba. It is expected that you will conduct research activities such as, but not limited to:
  • Collecting necessary information to prepare your Farm Business Concept, which may include farmland costs, crop or livestock cost of production, marketing farm production, farm machinery and equipment, analyzing competition, or investigating customers and farm suppliers.
  • Researching information related to moving to and living in rural Manitoba such as schooling for children, recreational activities, services available for newcomers and the general cost of living.
During a Farm Business Research Visit, you must dedicate a significant portion of time conducting farm business-related research and meeting with various stakeholders such as farm business lenders or farm business advisors etc. If you receive a Letter of Advice to Apply (LAA), you will be expected to provide details of your business and lifestyle research through a Farm Business Research Visit Report, which forms part of your Nomination Application.

To find out how you can travel to Canada for a temporary visit (➨Page).

Step 2: Submit your MPNP Expression of Interest (EOI)

Once you have done sufficient research and identified the farming business opportunity of your interest, you are ready to fill a Farm Business Concept Form. The Farm Business Concept can be considered a condensed executive summary of the farming business plan.

To submit your Expression of Interest (EOI) you must email your Farm Business Concept and Interest Guideline Forms to [email protected].

If you appear to meet the minimum eligibility requirements and likely to have a strong positive economic impact on rural Manitoba, the MPNP will invite you to attend a personal interview with a Business Immigration Officer.

If the outcome of the interview in positive, you will receive a Letter of Advice to Apply (LAA) via email. The LAA will include instructions on the application process.

You will have up to 120 days from the LAA issuance date to submit your complete application.

Step 3: Prepare Documents

In addition to the application fee, applications forms and supporting documents, before submission of complete application, you need to prepare a Farming Business Plan as well as a Net Worth Verification Report.

Recent Invitations – MPNP

Business Investor Stream

Month No. of LAA
Feb 2024 1
Jan 2024 3
Dec 2023 2723
Nov 2023 0
Oct 2023 3
Sep 2023 4
Aug 2023 1
Jul 2023 2
Jun 2023 1
May 2023 3
Farming Business Plan
You will need to submit a Farming Business Plan as part of your application. You must submit a business plan that demonstrates that the business will be viable and likely to provide material economic benefit to the economy of rural Manitoba as a whole or to the local economy where the business will be located.
Your business plan will be reviewed to ensure that it meets program requirements and the commitments made in your EOI. Thus, this document should be drafted as an essential component of your application.
Net Worth Verification Report
As part of your application, you will be required to provide a Net Worth Verification Report. This report must be prepared by one of designated Net Worth Verifiers. These third party verifiers are experts in assessing net worth and legal accumulation of net worth.
List of Manitoba Designated Net Worth Verifiers

Grant Thornton LLP

94 Commerce Drive

Winnipeg, MB R3P 0Z3

(204) 272-4738


[email protected]


242 Hargrave Street, Suite 1200

Winnipeg, MB R3C 0T8

(204) 336-6106

[email protected]

Step 4: Submit Application to MPNP

If you receive a Letter of Advice to Apply (LAA), you must submit your completed application package within 120 days from the LAA issuance date. Your completed application package must include copies of all required documents along with a nonrefundable Application Fee.
An MPNP officer will contact you by email if information is needed to assess your application and will tell you how to send the information.
The MPNP will invite you for an interview to discuss your Farm Business Plan and other aspects of your application, as required.
If your application meets all of the requirements of the MPNP, the MPNP will issue you a certificate of nomination.

If you are approved for nomination, you will be instructed to sign a Deposit Agreement and send a deposit of CAD$75,000.

To find out how you can travel to Canada for a temporary visit (➨Page) in case you are invited to an in-person interview.

MPNP Application
Mail the application to:

Business Investor Stream Manitoba

Education and Training 7th Floor,

213 Notre Dame Portage Avenue

Winnipeg, Manitoba,

Canada R3B 1N3

Official Program Guide:
MPNP Application Fee:
Processing Time:
Document Checklist:

(page 21)

[email protected]

Step 5: Deposit Agreement

When you are approved under the MPNP, a letter of approval is sent to you. The letter contains a Deposit Agreement (contract) outlining the requirements of the MPNP and is to be signed and dated by the applicant as well as instructions on how to wire transfer your deposit of $75,000 CAD.
You have two (2) years from the date of landing to fulfill the requirements of the Deposit Agreement. Once you have met the terms and conditions specified in your Deposit Agreement, your $75,000 CAD deposit will be returned to you in full, without interest. Upon receipt of the signed Deposit Agreement and the Deposit, a Certificate of Nomination will be issued in your name (and your eligible dependents, if applicable).
If you are approved and nominated, you should apply to IRCC for Permanent Residence. The nomination certificate will be valid for six (6) months from the date of issuance and is considered valid if you submit a complete application for PR before the expiry date on the nomination certificate.

Step 6: Apply for Permanent Residence

If you are nominated by the Province of Manitoba, then your next step is to submit a complete application for a permanent resident visa within six (6) months (➨Page).

You must submit your application using the IRCC Permanent Residence Portal (PR Portal) (➨ 

If your application is complete, you will receive a letter or an email confirming that your file has been received and accepted for processing. This letter is called the Acknowledge of Receipt (AOR) and will include your IRCC file number.

Once you have received your acknowledgement of receipt, you can create an online account and link your application to it. By creating an account, you will be able to receive email updates and a more detailed case status.

Step 7: Landing in Canada

If your application is approved, you will be asked to pay your right of permanent residence fee if you haven't already done so. You will receive a Confirmation of Permanent Residence (CoPR) and if you are from a country that requires a visa you will also be issued a permanent resident visa.

You will only become a Permanent Resident of Canada when you cross a Canadian port of entry. This is referred to as ‘landing in Canada' (➨Page).

You must land in Canada before the expiry date, which appears on your Canada Immigration Visa. Usually, the expiry date is one (1) year from the time medical examinations were completed. As this is not always the case, be sure to verify the expiry date as soon as the Canada Immigration Visa is received.

Step 8: Business Establishment in Manitoba

You are required to report to the MPNP Offices within 30 days of your landing as a Permanent Resident to provide your new contact information to the MPNP (address, telephone, email).
In order to apply for your $75,000 Deposit to be returned, you should be able to meet all terms of the Deposit Agreement within two (2) years of landing in Manitoba (establish your farm business and fulfill the investment requirements).

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