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Use only approved representatives when submitting a visa application for Canada

Use only approved representatives when submitting a visa application for Canada

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WARNING: Only use authorised representatives when applying for a visa to Canada.

Individuals seeking representation for visa applications to Canada are being sent a significant caution by the Canadian government. Internal reports have recently raised concerns about the usage of “Concealed Representatives,” often known as “ghost consultants.” These unauthorised persons represent applicants before Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) or the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) without stating their professional relationship with the client on the required IMM 5476 form.
Identifying Concealed Representatives can be difficult, however numerous red signs include applications that do not include the IMM 5476 form, using unauthorised representative addresses as mailing addresses, and using the same addresses or contact information across multiple applications.
Officers are urged to return applications suspected of involving Concealed Representatives to the applicant’s home or mailing address to combat this issue. The application is returned with a letter outlining the rationale, emphasising the government’s commitment to dealing solely with authorised representatives. It is critical that applicants use their own address, as using unauthorised representatives may result in communication problems or a lack of contact between the representative and the applicant.

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Understanding the Risks: Why You Should Avoid Using Unauthorized Representatives in Your Visa Application

Furthermore, the government has stated that the employment of anonymous representatives or the submission of repeated applications by unnamed third parties may result in programme integrity reviews. This could raise more serious concerns, such as the possibility of fraudulent document usage, needing a thorough investigation.
It is strongly encouraged, in the sake of a smooth and legitimate visa application procedure, to work solely with authorised immigration consultants or lawyers recognised by the Canadian government. This helps to maintain your application’s security and authenticity while avoiding unwanted delays or hassles.
Some applications may take several months or even a year to be reviewed. As a result, it’s critical to comprehend the risks of hiring unauthorised agents during this extended waiting period.
The use of ghost consultants or Concealed Representatives poses a substantial danger, regardless of the quality of the proposal they provide. Even if the documentation is robust and well-prepared, the application will be returned or denied by Canadian authorities if an unauthorised representative is involved. This conclusion can occur after lengthy waiting periods, resulting in lost time, money, and opportunities to obtain a visa to Canada.
As a result, it is critical to avoid using ghost consultants and instead work with authorised immigration consultants or lawyers. This precaution ensures that your application complies with legal requirements, lowering the possibility of rejection or return after lengthy processing durations. Choose authorised representatives to protect your visa application process and avoid potential setbacks that could jeopardise your ability to receive a Canadian visa.
Please heed this caution and use authorised representatives to protect your immigration application process. Failure to do so may result in your application being returned or you being subjected to programme integrity inquiries, which might have a major impact on your immigration prospects to Canada.

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