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Canada Updates Business Immigration: Faster Start-Up Visas

Canada Revamps Business Immigration! Start-Up Changes & Self-Employed Pause

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Following the announcement of the Honourable Marc Miller, Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship, on April 29, 2024, Canada has quickly adopted significant changes to its government business programs. These changes, which take effect immediately, seek to reduce application backlogs and improve processing times, keeping with the government's objective to a more efficient immigration system.

Enhancements to the Startup Visa Program

The Start-up Visa Program (➨page) has undergone substantial changes to give priority to potential ventures and shorten processing times for eligible entrepreneurs. Effective today, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has introduced the following measures:

Capping Application Numbers: IRCC will from now on accept permanent residency applications for no more than 10 start-ups per designated organisation each year. This strategic decision ensures that resources are allocated towards high-potential companies, hence promoting innovation and economic progress.

Priority Processing for Supported Start-ups: Entrepreneurs whose start-ups are funded by Canadian capital or linked with a business incubator that is a member of Canada's Tech Network will be given priority processing. This streamlined method intends to speed up the integration of new businesses into Canada's commercial ecosystem.

Temporary pause in Self-Employed Persons Programme Intake

In response to processing delays and application backlogs, IRCC has temporarily stopped application intake for the Self-Employed Persons Program (➨Page), effective immediately. This program, which provides a road to permanent residence for those with significant background in art, culture, recreation, or sports, will be paused to focus on processing applications from the existing inventory.

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Looking ahead: Reducing backlogs and improving efficiency.

With these immediate changes in place, Canada is taking proactive measures to eliminate backlogs and improve processing times for its corporate immigration program. By limiting application intake for the Self-Employed Persons Program until the end of 2026, and with planned increases in admissions for the federal business category outlined in the 2024-2026 multi-year levels plan, IRCC hopes to significantly improve efficiency while continuing to welcome talented newcomers critical to Canada's economic prosperity and cultural vibrancy.

Finally, the fast adoption of these improvements demonstrates Canada's commitment to modernizing its immigration system and offering timely assistance to ambitious entrepreneurs. With an emphasis on efficiency and effectiveness, Canada confirms its reputation as a welcome destination for experienced professionals and imaginative entrepreneurs looking for new opportunities. While these changes may seem unfortunate and makes it hard or impossible  for some individuals wishing to apply under these programs, they play a crucial role in reducing backlogs and improving processing times, ensuring a smoother and more efficient immigration process for all applicants.

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